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After several years of performing roots rock around NYC, Caleb Caming decided to cultivate a more modern and aggressive sound, and towards that end the band's rhythm section was reconfigured: bassist Devlin McDermott and drummer Bryan Framhein were asked to join Caleb Caming & The Heat.  The band then posted a few demos of their new sound online and very soon was fielding unsolicited requests to perform at various venues.  After just a few months of playing together they were selected to perform at Tarrytown Music Hall's Rock The Hall, a showcase for noteworthy up-and-coming bands.

With an eclectic mix of catchy songs, driving guitars and engaging lyrics, Caleb Caming & The Heat is an exciting new band that is poised to break out onto the rock scene in a big way.

The single You've Got Me (in Agony) from their debut EP, Trashy, is scheduled to be released sometime this summer, with more singles from the EP to follow.  The entire EP is expected to be released sometime in late summer of 2020.

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