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"You’ll instantly fall in love with powerful chants, semi-distorted verses, anthemic choruses, rhythmic maneuvers, accentuations, and other sonic delicacies.... So if you’re looking out for some excellent punk rock tunes, Trashy will be an ideal choice for you."

Thoughts Words Action

"When listening to New York-based punk group Caleb Caming & The Heat’s new song ‘You’ve Got Me (In Agony)’, the first thing to strike me was the energy and passion.... In an era of rock that just discovered electronics, the band opts for a more traditional approach and blows it out of the water."

Indie Top 39

"Caleb Caming & The Heat‘s new single is as ‘Trashy’ as its title suggests, it’s a filthy and deliciously rocking new track.... The band’s sound is furious and they know how to translate that into song"

Music For The Misfits

"New York rock’n’roll artist Caleb Caming unleashes his debut single today. ... a profoundly dynamic composition that combines only the best elements of rock music.  Even the sound vividly resembles that recognizable old, dirty, abrasive garage rock sound full of heavy distortion that’s capable of piling the skin off your back.... You’ve Got Me (In Agony) will suit any true fan of rock who likes some old-school vibes."

"Ripping guitar work floats through an anthemic display of catchy vocal work and garage punk furiosity in "Trashy."... This track rips!"

Havoc Underground

"It’s hard not to like Caleb Caming & The Heat, if their EP is anything like “Trashy” then it’s nothing but amazing."

Rising Artists

"“You’ve Got Me (In Agony)” is the lead cut from the band’s debut EP, “Trashy.” ... During each chorus, a garage rock style barrage blasts its way on through.  Spurred on by lead singer Caleb Caming’s wrenching vocals and garage rock vibes, this track is a supersonic gut punch."




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